About David

Photograph of David MilesI am a highly regarded and experienced individual with a unique set of skills having worked in person centred services since 1980. I am a qualified and practised Social Care Manager, Social Worker, Trainer, Nurse, Funeral Director, and Civil Celebrant. In a variety of roles I have worked within the NHS, Local Government, Further Education, charities and large corporate companies. From 2009 – 2014, I co-ordinated and oversaw the ‘employee’ element of major transitional programmes within social care settings (Residential and Domiciliary Care). I have a passion for person centred services, being innovative and creative.

I have a particular creative interest in personal and professional development, bereavement, anti-discriminatory practice, coaching, team development and seeing theory put into practice across the work force.

Using a therapeutic approach, I particularly thrive on supporting individuals and groups through change, bereavement and loss, working towards an accepted future they can visualise.

I am totally committed to person centred funerals as a fitting tribute to the person who has died and able to support those grieving. I can arrange, direct funerals as well as design a tailor made ceremony then lead as a Funeral Celebrant.

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