Funeral Celebrant

A funeral celebrant is ‘a person who is specifically trained and certified, who seeks to meet the needs of families during their time of loss. They serve by providing a funeral service that is personalised to reflect the personality and life of the deceased’
Fellowship of Professional Celebrants

Funerals not easy events. I recognise and acknowledge the feelings you may feel at a time you lose a loved one and yet need to plan a fitting funeral for them.

I endeavour to support you by working alongside you. I will help you to create a funeral ceremony (or memorial service) that is unique; reflecting the personality and life of your loved one whilst also recognising your grief.

With your loved one and your wishes at the heart of what we do, I will:
* Plan an appropriate ceremony with you
* Provide you with a draft programme of the ceremony for your approval
* If you wish me to, as a ‘narrator of your loved ones life’ I will compose a fitting tribute (approved by you) to read at the ceremony or support you to write your own.
* Provide you with copies of the ceremony afterward in a presentation pack
* Provide follow up support if required
It would be a privilege to support you to plan a unique ceremony for your loved one.
You may wish to contact me through your chosen funeral director.
Additional services offered:
* Should someone wish to plan their own funeral ceremony in the future, I will sit with them to create and advise them. Then store this securely for the future.
* Post funeral bereavement support through active listening
* Workshops to discuss the work of a Funeral Celebrant and Director
* Workshops to explore loss and bereavement
I am a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants (retain hyper link) and featured on The Celebrant Directory (add hyperlink

I am a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and featured on The Celebrant Directory

A selection of bereavement poems as a .pdf file

Celebrant flyer for bereaved person

Celebrant Flyer for Funeral Directors

Please contact me to discuss my fees for the above service.

What Is A Celebrant? – Written and credited to Gwyn Davies

Celebrant, Celebrant, what is it you do?
I’m a little old fashioned and haven’t a clue.
Celebrant, Celebrant, what is it you do?
Are you religious, or is that taboo?

Who is your target, where is your goal?
I’m a little confused, as to what is your role.
Are you religious, or the atheist sort,
I’m a bit in the dark and need to be taught.

Well let me enlighten, I’ll try and explain,
I’m there as a person to try ease the pain.
It isn’t about me or any belief,
I try help the loved ones to help with their grief.

There’s more than two options, to help people through,
So I’ll try and explain, what us Celebrants do.
We take an approach, with a personal touch,
For loved ones in need of the help for a crutch.

Some aren’t religious, but still want a prayer,
Or even a hymn, and we’re happy to share.
It just doesn’t matter what our belief,
We’ll use an approach, that helps bring relief.

So as you can see, it’s not black or white,
We offer a service that we just try make right.
Right for the person, whose life has passed on,
And try help those hurting, as their loved one has gone.

We tick all the boxes, some people say,
We try make it special, in our own unique way.
Times are a changing, changing so fast,
We must try move forward, not stuck in the past.

To help and bring comfort, is our real aim,
Each service is special, no two the same
Happy to meet to discuss what we do
At a time or a place chosen by you

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