Funeral Celebrant

A funeral celebrant is ‘a person who is specifically trained and certified, who seeks to meet the needs of families during their time of loss. They serve by providing a funeral service that is personalised to reflect the personality and life of the deceased’
Fellowship of Professional Celebrants

Funerals not easy events. I recognise and acknowledge the feelings you may feel at a time you lose a loved one and yet need to plan a fitting funeral for them.

I endeavour to support you by working alongside you. I will help you to create a funeral ceremony (or memorial service) that is unique; reflecting the personality and life of your loved one whilst also recognising your grief.

With your loved one and your wishes at the heart of what we do, I will:
* Plan an appropriate ceremony with you
* Provide you with a draft programme of the ceremony for your approval
* If you wish me to, as a ‘narrator of your loved ones life’ I will compose a fitting tribute (approved by you) to read at the ceremony or support you to write your own.
* Provide you with copies of the ceremony afterward in a presentation pack
* Provide follow up support if required
It would be a privilege to support you to plan a unique ceremony for your loved one.
You may wish to contact me through your chosen funeral director.
Additional services offered:
* Should someone wish to plan their own funeral ceremony in the future, I will sit with them to create and advise them. Then store this securely for the future.
* Post funeral bereavement support through active listening
* Workshops to discuss the work of a Funeral Celebrant and Director
* Workshops to explore loss and bereavement
I am a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants (retain hyper link) and featured on The Celebrant Directory (add hyperlink

I am a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and featured on The Celebrant Directory

A selection of bereavement poems as a .pdf file

Celebrant flyer for bereaved person

Celebrant Flyer for Funeral Directors

Please contact me to discuss my fees for the above service.

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